Creating Credit Notes
Posted by on 03 January 2012 02:40 PM

To create credit notes (negative invoices) in Projetex, follow the next steps:

1. Run Projetex Server Administrator, go to Corporate Settings tab > Custom Fields > Invoices section.

2. Create a new custom field with “Checkbox” type and call it “Negative Invoice”.

3. Modify your invoice template to display the “-” symbol before the total of invoice when “Negative Invoice” checkbox is selected. In a case if you will assign “CREDIT_NOTE” variable to “Negative Invoice” custom field, you can use the following construction for this purpose: Total: \if(CREDIT_NOTE=”Yes”)\-\endif\\INVOICE_TOTAL_BASE\

4. Create a required project and jobs.

5. Create an invoice, add the required jobs into this invoice and select “Negative Invoice” checkbox on the “Custom Fields” tab of “New Invoice” window.

6. Generate a credit note document, using the modified invoice template.

In a case if you need to keep separate numbering of your credit notes and invoices, you can create a custom field for this purpose and output the required codes using a variable assigned to this custom field (see Additional Fields).

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